About me

I am Nataliya Andreychenko.

The last 20 years, manicure is my life, my passion! for me it is more than a profession!

I was always interested in developing, creating something new, constantly improving my skills.

When you do what you love, success will come. So in 2014, I was awarded the title of World Champion in the "Nail Design" nomination.

What did this victory give me? First of all, the realization that Manicure is an art!

And I want to convey to you my experience.

So the idea came up to create this interesting project - a training ground for practicing masters!


-We are a team of professionals, and we are love our profession! I am sure that you too))


-We will gladly reveal the secrets of various techniques, talk about the latest trends in manicure, and share our little tricks.




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